Hey y’all hope you are having a blessed day. We have been moving along here at our live HIM Loud Ministries campus in guatemala. As we levels up the yard the other day while our block layer works and or well diggers dug. Then yesterday we had feeding center with the kids. Today we are continuing some cleaning, organizing, construction, and meetings. As we have the guy coming to give us a physical address from the town hall so we can go to the electrical company and get our lights hooked up. Then some errands and another block layer is coming so we can talk about some other jobs to continue our multiple purpose building construction as we hope to be able to use it for our pastors seminary that will be on the 8th of October.

By the way keep those prayers a coming as the diggers weren’t here yesterday but when they arrived today there was about a foot and a half of water in the well whole that is about 70’ deep. So we will continue digging and see how deep we can get to sustain a good water level. Thanks for your prayers and let’s join together even more for the continuation of the digging .

Y’all have a blessed day and stay tune…

Blessings in CHRIST