Live HIM Loud Ministries was founded with the one sole purpose to Live GOD Loud, not necessarily meaning to be loud and scream HIS name everywhere with our voices yet to live for HIM with our actions displaying HIS love by obeying HIS word the Bible and taking up our cross daily as JESUS commanded us to do in Luke 9:23:

“Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.”

With that we want to encourage his people to do the same by welcoming them to our retreat center own a mountain top in Guatemala and by going wherever HE sends us and help better the lives of people physically while at the same time teaching and proclaiming Jesus’ love for them.

The name came from some of my crazy sayings and just kind of stuck with me and so through much prayer it seemed as though GOD wanted me to start a ministry with the name “live HIM loud.” GOD then put people in our paths like David Robie (Vice President) to help get it official and placed a young lady Katie James (Secretary/ Treasure) to keep records of the awesome people GOD would send to help us build and do HIS will, of which many of you have been involved with.

We pray that as you live your life, you acknowledge true salvation that only comes through JESUS , and that you grow in wisdom in how to best live HIM loud with what HE has given you personally. Looking to HIS Word “the Bible” and discovering HIS greatness and love. We want everything that we say and do be glorifying to HIM because to HIM be all the Glory and Honor!!!