And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Hey y’all we hope y’all are doing fantastic prepare for Easter Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as we should always celebrate it everyday. Things have been going well here on the mountain top in Guatemala. It has been a blessed 2 1/2 weeks since our return from the states. As many of you know my parents were here and were able to fly out on Saturday to go back to bamaland. As some of you may have saw last Tuesday the Guatemala airport shut down due to volcanic ash from the volcano pacaya. My parents were scheduled to fly out on Wednesday but through much prayer and talk we decided to change their flight to another day. Since the last time volcanic ash fell on the airport it was closed for 13 days. So after many tries to Delta we finally talked to an agent that was able to move their flight to Saturday and that was the next available flight for them. On Wednesday we watched what was supposed to be their original departure back to the States be delayed and finally cancelled at 10 pm that night. We thank our father God in heaven for the wisdom and favor to change their flight the night before. This also gave my dad the opportunity to finish a couple of things they were working on here with us. We were excited to have them stay a little longer for sure apart from the projects they were working on. It is always amazing to know that when we trust God HE always provides even when we don’t understand HE is always there. Just another moment to see HIS word come alive when in truly if we watch and study HIS word we can see it come alive in every breath we have.

We have been trying to finish the house we will be living in and unpack. Been a blessing having the Hunt family help us too. We have been able to advance a lot between them and my parents being here. Erik, Amanda, Eli, and JP painted Misael and Sandra’s house last week. Block layer then started the tile and finished it today so on Monday he will start on there new addition to their house. So stay tuned for updates next week as we continue to progress in the construction of their house and move on up a few feet and start back up on the construction of Sandra’s brother’s families house.

We have a group of 10 scheduled to come by on Friday for devotion, prayer, and worship here on the retreat center campus. To GOD be all the glory as we try to finish the details of this construction and officially open up the ministry. GOD has already started drawing HIS people to the mountain top.

Pray with us that we can finish this construction details sanely and really open this ministry up for what GOD has truly planted it in us to be. Letting HIM encourage the saints, making disciples, and giving opportunity for HIs people to draw closer to HIM.

Have blessed day y’all!!!