Running some errands and praying for God’s healing over our son Asher, he is been getting sick so many times this year. As for ministry GOD is faithful to a lot of people of Guatemala through Casa aleluya’s teams and some of you that came to partner with us. A few days ago I received a call from Helps telling me that my name was appearing because we have purchased so many wood burning stoves and they want to see how they can get better quality by looking at some that we have already installed. But that is not as important, because what we want is people to see His love through us and that He has not forgotten about them. The purpose is to reach people and tell / encourage them of the love gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Also by giving them His powerful word “The Bible” so a big Thank you to all of you that have made this possible, may our Lord bless y’all tremendously and keep living for the Lord.

Yesterday we went to fellowship with our Brother in Christ Josue D. To see some land that He will purchase to build his house and church, since some of you know that he lost everything material wise from the volcano he has stayed strong in Christ. Here is a funny story for you while we where there my daughter Lanisha needed to use the potty however there weren’t any bathrooms nearby so we decided that she could just go over by a tree. she didn’t felt comfortable yet really had to go so I took her because she wanted daddy not mommy. Nonetheless we hid and she pottied in the woods. Then we fellowshiped with the Davila’s on how we can help them and then came home.

We appreciate your prayers on a few things

one is of course Asher’s health.

Another one is we are in need of someone to help us on site here in guatemala.

Our construction as we are getting ready to put the roof/ second floor on our conference dorm building.

Then an unspoken request for a meeting I have on Friday.

So thanks in advance and May GOD bless you today, tomorrow, and always as you serve HIM.