Sorry I’ve been trying to post since we returned Friday but our server wouldn’t let me do so. Thus this post is a little lengthy.

Hey y’all hope y’all are, as always, being blessed. Quick update here as we have begun our travel back to Guatemala and what was going to be a bad day travel with a noon day arrival on same day from first leg departure, is now a noonday arrival on second day after first day departure. Crazy I know you can possibly look up crazy in the dictionary and find an explanation of me!!! A huge shout out to my parents they have been a blessing and troopers helping our crazy family of five maneuver through the change of plans and airports on our way to Guatemala.

It was an adventure and a mystery of a trip…

So after all that, we made it to our other home Guatemala … Misael, Erick, and Eli came and picked us up..

So thankful with the Hunt family they blessed us with a delicious meal and more awesome fellowship in the evening. Along with other things like some groceries to get us settled and much other stuff upon our return.

Shout out to Misael and Sandra as well as they have blessed us with holding down the campus while we were gone. Huge blessing too…

So Saturday we started cleaning, rearranged our stuff, moved things around, unpacked, my dad started doing some electrical stuff, my mom has been helping with our baby Shae and cleaning the dust that accumulates daily during this dry season, now that we are in dry season almost everything gets dusty every day.

We thank all those who have supported our ministry even during our time away from ministry. Because of your obedience to serve and give to the LORD through our ministry we are still able to operate the ministry while away.

A special shout out to our family support sponsors during the past 20 months because of your faithfulness and obedience to serve we have been able to breathe and let the LORD renew our hearts to serve HIM more. The time away has been longer than expected but truly a blessing.

Sunday we went to the city to buy some material and the headed back home, the Hunt family came up and helped us clean up some on the property and hang curtain rods. We are trying to finish some stuff so we can move out of the big building as we have a ministry coming to retreat for three days in about a month. So hopefully today we can continue settling things in and getting things done.

Many of you have been a part financially of what we do here and I wanted to inform you a little bit of how it works. If you specifically state where you want it to go from the list below it goes to that need. If you do not it goes into a general fund that goes for operation supplies and or outreach. Thus if you would like to know what are the most current needs in the below list feel free to email us and we will let you know.

Current Needs

• Outreach projects: stoves, water filters, bunk beds, etc.

• Feeding Center

• Ministry expansion: purchasing of adjacent properties

• Retreat Center construction: digging a well, building, moving dirt

• Clemmons Family Support – support for our family as we serve in Guatemala.

This list can be found here on our website under the “Get Involved” tab.

Thank all y’all again and stay safe and be blessed!!!

Blessings in CHRIST,

The Clemmons Family