Visitor and Activities Form

Our ministry (live HIM loud) hopes that during your time of retreat on our campus you are renewed, HIS will is revealed clearer for you, and your relationship with HIM is closer than before you arrived. So that you may live for JESUS and exalt HIS name in all you do.

    ***Note: If you have people arriving and departing outside of the time noted above please coordinate and communicate with the person(s) in charge on site. This will help us with the security and safety of everyone and the ministry.

    Ministry information: This place solely exists to glorify the Name of GOD!!! Thus it is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages, smoke, or use any other form of drugs in and around the facilities.

    The use of our campus is entirely free of charge so we please ask that you treat it better than your own.

    Please coordinate with the person in charge of the campus at your time of visit if you wish to use the kitchen.

    If something breaks during your visit please let us know so we can get it fixed.

    Until we have a well we ask that you use the water on the facilities carefully as we currently bring water in by the truck load. This does not limit showers or the washing of dishes etc. Also do not drink the water from the tap. There are jugs that you can use and/or fill.

    Live HIM Loud Ministries nor the owners of or people in charge are not liable for items lost or stolen. Also, we are not liable for injuries or deaths affiliated there of so please use the facilities with caution.

    Important note: our campus and facilities are under construction 🚧 so please use them with caution while you are visiting as we have various places with high balconies and no railings.