“You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

I John 4:4

Hey y’all we hope each of you are doing well. It has been awhile since we have done a detailed update of what has been going on in the ministry. So I’m going to try and update July for y’all the best of my memory and time.

After our good friends from Arkansas left on the last day of June. We began to continue getting things cleaned up while also starting back up some construction we had stopped while the teams were here. So the first two weeks consisted of primarily that: cleaning, buying supplies, checking projects, and hanging out with our kids before they start school here in August. We had some pastor friends come visit as well. Then about mid month we went and visited a good and faithful brother in CHRIST who has played a big role in our ministry over the past 11 years. Then the day after, I started not feeling so well and so began to roll with whatever it was and tried doing some work but lost energy for about a week or so. While we also were trying to keep the kids from getting what I had. Once I was better we took a quick little trip and came back then Vilma caught a stomach bug so she was then down a few days. All that to say we thank the LORD we are better and the kids never got sick. So that was the bulk of our July.

Let’s fast forward to the first week of August. My parents arrived on the 2nd and we have been extremely enjoying them being here. They have helped us in many ways from helping with the kids while we get some work done on campus and going out to visit a new pastor in preparation for a team that arrived Friday night. We were able to take my folks to breakfast and just enjoy their company and apart from that dad has done some wiring while mom swept and mopped the HOP building in preparation for the West Virginia team. It would have been very difficult for Vilma and to get the HOP ready and everything but my parents have been a GOD sent in the perfect timing. So with the LORD’s help by sending them we got it done. Also the kids are loving having them, Gamma and Papa here too.

We are excited to see what the LORD does this week as dr. Brother Tim Thorne and his awesome assistants Mrs. Judy and Mrs.. Shelby will be seeing a lot of patients for dental work. As the rest of the team will be working some on campus while everyone will be included in the giving out of Bibles and food bags in order to share the love Gospel of JESUS. We are praying expecting the HOLY SPIRIT to move in a mighty way as we not only meet the physical needs of the people but the spiritual as well. On that note we ask for your prayers as a lot of things will be going on and all we want is for GOD to be glorified and HIS name to be known.

Saturday the Tim, Judy, and Shelby went to casa aleluya to do dental work while the rest of us went and bought supplies for the food bags. The Bible’s were delivered on Friday all 500+.

We thank you and stay tuned for a quicker and better update as we testify seeing the glory of the LORD in the land of the living.

Thank all of you for being a part of this ministry in some way.

blessings in CHRIST,

Adam C.