“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.” Hebrews 13:2

Hey y’all everything is moving along here in Guatemala we are eager to get out and start visiting some pastors yet we are still trying to finish some items on campus. We have been blessed to prep some things and almost complete others. As LORD willing we will officially have a front door to the house we are moving into as we were able to finish our cabinets a couple weeks ago. We haven’t officially opened up our campus but as you well know many ministries through friends of friends have reached out to us and already started coming up to retreat, be discipled and learn how they can better minister as a team.

For those of you who have prayed for The Hunt family and the Dunn family as the dads trekked through Mexico coming to Guatemala last week, we thank you as they made it here safe on Thursday as the rest moms and kids of the families arrived via air Thursday as well. Thanks for the prayers for them. We look forward to what the LORD has in store for our ministries.

This weekend we will have a ministry that uses art to evangelize come up and retreat . So pray with us for them that GOD would reveal HIS perfect plan for them individually and as a ministry and that many will know JESUS as LORD because of their faithfulness to serve HIM.

Another area that the LORD has blessed us in is that of an acquaintance from a place Vilma and I rented when we first got married. I had met a neighbor there and we occasionally played ball together at the local park. Then as renters we moved to the next stage in life and kind of kissed contact. Well shortly after returning he called me about something and we began to talk more. Now we have been blessed to fellowship twice with them already and even had a devotion at there house just this past week. We never truly know why the people come in our path but when we walk with the LORD and trust HIM, HE allows us to sometimes see and we then walk away blessed.

As for construction we have block layers building some retaining walls in front of where we are moving and also last week others finished laying some clay shingles on the HOP building so hopefully the rains will not erode the corners of the building.

Still quite a few details to go as one is floating the HOP building roof to seal it so water flows down the drain pipes and the roof is officially sealed. If you would like a list of our current construction needs feel free to let us know. We haven’t been able to get where we are with this ministry campus had it know been by the faithfulness of GOD’s people. Thus we wouldn’t be able to do what we do here either if it weren’t for you either. Thus we thank you and pray GOD’s blessing over you and your families.

We hope y’all have a blessed day and stay strong in the LORD and HIS might!!!

Be blessed in CHRIST,

the Clemmons Family – Guatemala